Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letter # 21

I spent my life too scared to stand still, to stay in once place. I felt the need to keep moving and running, changing my location, my job, my life. Each new place was chance to meet someone different, but each new person passed by quickly, making only the lightest imprint on my life. It’s hard to make connections when you know you’ll be gone before the relationship can grow.

Some people tried to grab and hold onto me, to encourage me to stop and hold my ground. But after a little while every situation ended the same: bitter words being exchanged, me packing my bags, erasing a number from my phone and a face from my mind.

Then came you. Instead of holding me in place, keeping me from my dreams and love of change, you decided to move with me. You showed me love doesn’t need to stay in one place, one home. Love can run and change and become something different everyday. You challenged me by agreeing with my lifestyle, instead of questioning it.

And in letting me move, you eventually encouraged me to stay. Not with words, but with your love. It became apparent to me that I wanted you more than I wanted a new city, a new job, a new life. At first I was scared, and that made me want to run faster and harder than ever before. But you stayed solid, never wavering, never changing. And eventually I slowed, and decided to stand still for a little while-because your love was worth it.
You’ve never asked me to change who I am, but I did. It was hard, but it was worth it. Standing still isn’t so hard when you have someone next to you, holding your hand.

-23, Baltimore, MD