Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Letter #8

These two letters came in the form of cards from someone I told about the project in person. The receiver, an older gentleman from central Mass. explained to me that a series of cards and gifts had been dropped off at his doorstep anonymously - sometimes with a gifts, like cashmere sweaters. He went on to tell me that his secret admirer would leave the cards on the doorstep, ring the doorbell, then bolt. He said he would run to the door to only see the cards and a paid of brake lights down his road. Here are two of the inscriptions from in the cards... pictures to match!

Loving You...Is So Damn Easy!

Hi Honey,
I can't get you out of my mind since I last saw you! I thought you would like this little gift and hope you think of me when you wear it. any time you want to put your shoes under my bed you can - permanently!! I see you when you don't even see me. I hope someday you & I will get together for good! Maybe tie the knot!! The next time I see you, I'll make sure you talk to me. Maybe even more if you have time!! Ha! Ha! You are such a hunk!! I just love you more then i can say!
Love & Kisses,
A Special Lover??

To Know You Is To Love You! I Know You Very Much!

Here is another card from me! I made a poem up for you and hope you like it. I will be seeing you soon - real soon! I made up my mind to meet you soon. I will call & get in touch with you some how!!
The time has come for us to meet
For you I am having restless sleep.
I think of you all the time
and hope that you'll soon be mine.
I hope that you will not be mad
for this will make me very sad!
You must ?Ponsant? to my only wish
and get rid of that other dish
Your wish is my only command
for I want you for my special man!
So, be patient and you will see
that you and I are meant to be!
Love you, Lover Boy-

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